Export and import


We offer a complete service to pet owners living in Spain and going abroad.

The service includes:

  • - Flight and shipping. We offer a complete transportation service to anywhere in the world.
  • - Customs and Spanish export formalities, overseas quarantine facilities where necessary.
  • - Compliance with overseas documentation and veterinary regulations.
  • - Boarding facilities before or after your departure.
  • - Travelling kennel tailor-made for your pet to I.A.T.A. standards.

Shieldaig- And, most important, personal service.


We would be able to board your pets. Obtain their Pet Passport from a Veterinary Surgeon and send them home at the date the passport becomes valid.

Tips on travelling arrangements for pets can be seen by clicking here.

Importing your pet to Spain.

First contact us, and we we will put you in touch with U.K Agents to have your Cat or Dog delivered from the U.K. to Spain. We will meet your pet at Alicante Airport & deliver your animals directly to you or board them until you are settled into your new home.

Shieldaig kennels & cattery

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