Pet passport

  For cats and dogs

PETs Passport-to the U.K. for cats and dogs.

1) The animal must be fitted with a microchip.

2) A Rabies Vaccination is then given. This may be a booster injection if the animal has been vaccinated before against Rabies, or a primary injection. In the latter case we strongly recommend that the vaccination is repeated 3-4 weeks later, to minimise the possibility of the animal failing the test due to insufficient antibodies. (this is more likely to occur in young animals). It is rare to see test failures in older animals, such pets can be immune-incompetent, ie incapable of mounting a normal antibody response to the vaccine stimulus.

The preparing of the Pet Passport can now begin.

3) One month later, the animal is blood sampled. The serum from this sample is sent to a listed authorised laboratory. The Veterinary Clinic then receives the result. An antibody level of equal or greater than 0.5i.u./ml is a pass.

The Pet Passport does not become valid for U.K. travel until SIX CALENDAR MONTHS FROM THE DATE THE BLOOD WAS TAKEN

The Veterinary Surgeon is responsible for your animals Pet Passport. The Vet. issuing the Passport MUST see the Rabies Vaccination Certificate, The Blood Sample result certificate and the Microchip Certificate - with the DATE of the implantation clearly visible - plus proof of ownership of the animal eg. a passport or residencia number, correlating with the owner's details on the certificates.

This becomes particularly important when the Veterinary has new clients who have prepared the paperwork with another Veterinary Clinic - either in Spain or the U.K.

Shieldaig Kennels often have peoples Cats or Dogs in their Kennels for six months awaiting their return to the U.K. and would be preparing the animals Pet Passport with the Veterinary Surgeon.

hieldaigWhen you return to your Spanish home we can also arrange to deliver your pet to your house.

4) For each journey you make to the U.K. or to Ireland via mainland U.K. the animal must have a "Fitness to travel" examination, with a Tick and Tapeworm treatment 24 - 48 hours before Embarkation on your ferry or plane.

REMEMBER once you start preparing your Pet Passport to and from the U.K. it is very important that you keep the rabies vaccination done within the recommended time. Alicante Veterinary College continue to recommend annual Rabies Vaccination, particularly when pets are leaving their country of residence and travelling across borders...

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