Travel advice

For your pets

Do's and Don'ts of Pet Imports and Exports

Listed below are some useful hints to know when sending your pets into the U K:

  • - DON'T sedate or tranquilise your pet for air travel unless your veterinary surgeon specifies otherwise. Dogs and cats adapt quickly to strange situations far easier if they are not sedated.

  • - DO, for your pet's sake, ensure its travelling kennel is the ideal size, too small or too big and your pet will experience extreme discomfort and possible injury (see diagram).

  • - DO ensure the travelling kennel is nose to paw proof with adequate side and ventilation holes. A strong welded wire mesh should be used.

- DO avoid week-end arrivals. Docks and airports are at their busiest. Experience has shown that lengthy customs clearance occurs, resulting in unnecessary discomfort for your pet.

  • - DO give us at least seven working days notice of arrival, with complete details e.g., Airline, Flight Number, Time and Date. This is important to allow us to make carrying arrangements in good time and avoid unnecessary customs delays.

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